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Three easy steps to join our kʷikʷəƛ̓əm FIRST NATION ENTERPRISES!

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Before starting, check the list of requirements

Fisrt step to start working with KFNE is to gather business requirements and understand the benefits of collaboration. Be familiar with KFNE business and potential mutual cooperation options and conditions.

Important aspects
for KFNE future partners

Important aspects for KFNE future partners

Previous experience working with the First Nations?
What does that portfolio look like?
What is success? And what was achieved and learned from working with First Nations?
Indigenous Cultural/Engagement Policy if any exist?
Does the company believe in reconciliation?
Is the company looking for longevity?
Does the company have a Business Case to present?
What business model is presented?
(Joint Venture/Revenue Shared Agreement/ Share Holder Agreement.)

Fill out an application

If you already gathered all the requirements, please proceed to this step where you can submit the application forms. Easy apply to KFNE via user friendly interface and provide all details about your business. Answer some basic questions.
Your company
Your company
About you
About you

Fill out an application

If you already gathered all the requirements, please proceed to this step where you can submit the application forms. Easy apply to KFNE via user friendly interface and provide all details about your business. Answer some basic questions.
Your company
Your company
About you
About you
If you already gathered all the requirements
Your request succesfully sent

Start a partnership
and create business together

After review by our team and approval you can start mutually beneficial and long term business collaboration with KFNE designed for success and profit.


We are thrilled to inform you that your partnership application has been successfully approved.
Best Regards,
Dear John,
I am writing to extend a warm welcome to you as a new partner in our community. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations on your successful application!
Best Regards,
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We are upgrading and developing 205-plus acres!

6 businesses that we have successfully developed over 12 years

KFNE | Radloff

Saskay Professional Services

KFNE | Matcon Civil Constructors

Saskay Civil Constructors

KFNE | BC Earth Exchange

Saskay Earth Exchange

KFNE | Milestone Environmental Contracting

Saskay Soil Transfer Facility

KFNE | Aggressive Industrial Services

Saskay Land Development

Saskay Industrial Service

Our trusted partners who paddle towards business success

At BC Earth Exchange we take pride in providing all our services in an environmentally, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Integrity and trust are the foundation for creating such relationships which has led to our dramatic and continued growth as well as established us a leader in the local soil deposition industry
Excavation full-service recycling and disposal
Matcon Civil Constructors are industry leaders in heavy civil construction and environmental contracting. From negotiation to design to estimating and project management, our team works collaboratively with KFNE to support the goals of kʷikʷəƛ̓əm First Nation, and ensure our shared values instruct our work together.
Milestone is a national environmental contracting firm with a high level of engineering and project management expertise. The Milestone team enjoys a challenge and invites clients to bring their toughest jobs.
Executive Summary of the partners who will guide Saskay Industrial Services with the vision and experience from their years of experience in the industry with their past success. Aggressive Welding and Fabricating LTD 1998 – Iron Mountain formed in 2006 and sold in 2020 – Saskay Industrial Services 2022
General Contractor
Professional services
R. Radloff & Associates is a 100% Canadian-owned, BC-based firm that has been in partnership with Indigenous’ communities for nearly 40 years. Our engineering services centre around the Core Values of integrity, professionalism, service excellence, and the continual development of our people and organization.
Excavation full-service recycling and disposal
General Contractor
Professional services
Donation of equipment and labour to Fraser Valley Search and Rescue
Donation of Canucks hockey tickets and dinner to a family who lost their home in the recent Abbotsford floods
Donation of equipment and labour to the Abbotsford BMX organization
Fund raising for the Kwikwetlem First Nation health and Wellness Centre
Fund raising for the BC Brain Injury Association for the past 3 years running
BC Earth Exchange is proud to be a Living Wage Employer since 2019. BC Earth Exchange also strives to actively engage in charitable events that directly impact the local community such as:
BC Earth Exchange is a BCCSA COR Certified organization with a dedicated on staff safety officer and a record of no injury or incidents in the past 2 years. BC Earth Exchange also utilizes Site Docs safety software always ensuring an actively managed safety program.
In larger scale remediation projects, we can classify, sort and screen imported or native materials right on site. This approach allows us to minimize costs, passing savings on to landowners and most importantly, utilizing this approach results in a high quality and professionally completed project. For more information on these projects, and what we can do for your next project, please contact our offices.
A key strength of our unique approach is to work with landowners, whether agricultural or commercial, to implement and complete land remediation projects of varying scopes and complexity. This goes hand in hand with our transfer stations as it ensures fill deposited at remediation projects is clean and free of contaminates. Our field staff is experienced with material placement in a wide variety of challenging situations for varying purposes such as construction preparation, land reclamation or habitat enhancement.
Land Remediation/Fill Site Management/Project Management
Heritage Resources Management
Invasive Species Management, large-scale native species revegetation, multi-year maintenance programs
Terrestrial and Aquatic Critical Habitat Construction, and Remediation
Pipeline Construction
Highway and Road Construction
Large diameter water and sewer mains, deep utilities
Underground Infrastructure
Landfilling Program Design and Management
Excavation, shoring, grading, shallow utilities, gas connections, rainwater management systems, in-stream works
Heavy Civil Construction and Site Preparation
Matcon Civil Constructors brings deep local knowledge to everyproject we undertake.
Sediment Remediation and Capping
Dredging and Dewatering
Contaminated Soil Treatment and Disposal
Mine and Landfill Reclamation /
Decommissioning and Tailings Management
In-situ Remediation
Lagoon and Pond Decommissioning, Desludging, Cleanout, and Restoration
Soil Stabilization and Solidification
Structural Demolition and Hazardous Materials Abatement (Asbestos, Lead, Mould)
Impermeable Barrier and Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Walls
Cofferdam Construction
Landfill Expansion, Capping and Closure
Habitat Protection and Restoration
Water Treatment – Design, Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance
Excavation, Shoring and Underpinning
Milestone can provide a broad range of services, allowing us to successfully execute on sites that require a multi-discipline approach.
Marine Construction and Remediation
Heavy Civil Construction
Decommissioning and Reclamation
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
To that end, we have sponsored a diverse range of events from Wet’suwet’en’s Elders, Youth, & Families Christmas Dinner to the University of Northern BC’s Active Minds STEM camps. Some of our other sponsorships include:
We believe partnership is much more than a business arrangement – it is a commitment to the well-being of the individuals within tha community. In the past 5 years, Radloff has supportedover 75 separate initiatives that have had a positive impact within our partner-communities. Ourprimarily goal is to promote the educational and physical well-being of youth & children but wetake time to listen and respond to the priorities set out by the people we serve.
Social Responsibility
Our company was an early adopter of Engineers & Geoscientists of British Columbia's Organizational Quality Management Program in 2014. Since then, Radloff has continued to work tirelessly to hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public, including the protection of the environment and the promotion of health & safety in the workplace.
Kwadacha, Binche, and Takla Nation’s Fishing Derby
EGBC’s Popsicle Bridge Contest
Saik’uz Aboriginal Day
Spruce Kings & Cougars Junior Hockey
The Coldest Night of the Year
A variety of fastball, Softball, and slow-pitch tournaments
Stellat’en First Nation’s Gathering our Voices Conference
Dozens of individual child sponsorships to attend local summer camps
The Exploration Place’s Science Alliance
Prince George Youth Soccer
McLeod Lake IB, Tlatz’ten, CSTC, and Nadleh Whut’en’s Annual General Assemblies
PG Aboriginal Youth Hockey
KFN, PGAA, Eagles Classic, Cedars School, and Naut’sa mawat Golf Tournaments
R. Radloff & Associates is a 100% Canadian-owned, BC-based firm that has been in partnership with Indigenous’ communities for nearly 40 years. Our engineering services centre around the Core Values of integrity, professionalism, service excellence, and the continual development of ourpeople and organization.
Mission Statement
Machining services
Structural installations, fabrication & design
Plant renovations & shutdowns
Plant demolitions & removal of equipment
Fabrication & Installation
Founded in 1998, Aggressive Welding and Fabricating has provided a comprehensive range of services as an industrial contractor which includes but is not limited to:
Combined with experienced Project Managers, Engineers, and support staff, Aggressive Industrial Services offers well-balanced teams that will plan, manage, and execute projects of all sizes in accordance with a customer’s specifications.
Our pride and personal involvement in the work we perform results in superior quality and services. The attitude is also directly reflected in our employee’s level of responsibility, professionalism, and competency.
We’ve worked with our customers for years because our relationships are built on trust and performance. Our employees have been chosen based on their ability and level of craftsmanship, as well as their personal qualities and values. We believe that having our own employees provides us with more immediate control over the direction and nature of the construction process.
The Aggressive mission is to provide the highest quality workmanship possible. We succeed at this because of the integrity of our employees and staff, our commitment to a solid work ethic, and our passion for staying current with the newest innovations in our industry, with the consideration for the environment.
Aggressive Welding and Fabricating has grown a lot over the 30+ years in business but is still a small company at heart. It has built a reputation as an honest, safe, and reliable company where employees, managers, and owners work alongside each other to get a job done and maintain the integrity of the work they do. With the experiences gained in handling major projects, our clients are continuously being invited to bid on sizable projects.
Signatory to the Building trades, Iron Workers Local 97, and Millwrights Local 2736, Aggressive employs experienced trades skilled in industrial environments. Aggressive has a proven safety and quality assurance track record verifiable through the Canadian Welding Bureau, WorkSafeBC, and ISNetworld.
Aggressive is engaged primarily in providing a range of industrial construction and maintenance services for various industries such as sawmills, pipelines, oil & gas, bulk terminals, cement plants, marine terminals, and ports.

Reviews of our reliable partners

first nation tree
Matcon Civil paddled with Kwikwetlem First Nation’s canoe officially since 2016.
Lance Perkins
We were drawn to their ideals of collaborative work, respect for the environment, and maintaining cultural and social ties while creating opportunities for the community to grow and flourish in a mutually beneficial way. Matcon is honored to work naut’sa mawt (together as one) as a family does navigating the twists and turns of the river of life. In collaboration with KFN and KFNE, our joint venture is to ensure equality and to be environmentally, socially, culturally and economically sustainable. We very much look forward to continuing our journey with this community.
Chief Operating Officer