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KFNE Announces Joint Venture with R. Radloff & Associates Inc. to Offer Comprehensive Engineering and Community Planning Services

Coquitlam, BC - Kwikwetlem First Nation Enterprises (KFNE) is excited to announce a strategic joint venture with R. Radloff & Associates Inc., a renowned engineering, design, and consulting firm. The partnership, operating under the name Saskay Professional Services, aims to provide clients in the Lower Mainland with a wide array of sustainable engineering, infrastructure, and community planning solutions.
Established in 2012, KFNE is committed to managing and developing the economic interests of the Kwikwetlem First Nation. The new joint venture with

R. Radloff & Associates Inc. will expand their offerings to include comprehensive project and asset management services, community planning, as well as design, construction, and operations support for infrastructure projects like water, wastewater, roads, site servicing, and solid waste.

With nearly 40 years of experience, R. Radloff & Associates Inc. is a trusted and diversified engineering, design, and consulting firm. The collaboration with KFNE will enable both organisations to leverage their combined expertise and resources to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for clients in the region.

Bob Radloff, Senior Civil Engineer & CEO of Radloff, acknowledges the significance of partnering with a business that not only has a financial impact but also strongly benefits a community dedicated to balancing growth with environmental sustainability. He states, “Our goal is to help our partners and clients build a better future. We see this partnership as a positive step towards that goal.”
About Saskay Industrial Service:
Saskay Professional Services is committed to offering sustainable engineering and community planning solutions that align with the values and objectives of both KFNE and R. Radloff & Associates Inc. The newly formed joint venture represents a powerful collaboration that will foster growth, innovation, and a brighter future for the Lower Mainland and beyond.
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